A conversation with AMC, the network that brings you The Walking Dead

  • AMC: John, how much would you like an episode centered around that annoying, sick blonde woman and the guy you were so happy got handcuffed on a roof a couple of seasons ago?
  • ME: Will the chick with the sword be in it?
  • AMC: Yes! But she won't have the sword most of the episode, and will be grumbling about it, and making that one expression she has.
  • ME: Oh. Will we get to know more about those two armless zombies in chains?
  • AMC: Sort of! She beheads them, then refuses to talk about them. Apparently, she's been hanging out with the blonde woman for seven months and hasn't told her anything about them either.
  • ME: Huh. That doesn't sound right.
  • AMC: But there's a helicopter this episode!
  • ME: Cool! So there's still some remnants of the army. And enough fuel/infrastructure to power a helicopter.
  • AMC: Maybe? We kind of rush through that, too.
  • ME: If I'm being honest, this sounds like a disappointing episode.
  • AMC: It is. And wait until you see the act breaks. I've seen paper towel commercials with more tension. Sorry. There's the potential for a charismatic-sex-cult-repopulation plotline, though.
  • ME: Can you promise me that, though?
  • AMC: No. Sorry.
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