Mitt Romney speaking about Mormon faith (by thedbartnick)

It’s a axiom of dramatic writing that conflict reveals character, and this exchange does that. I think this Mitt Romney is a more interesting character than the one we’ve spent the last year with.

First, what’s fascinating to me is not so much his religious views — everyone’s got ‘em — but the passion with which he’s defending himself in relation to them. It’s one of the only times I’ve seen him genuinely, personally offended and not play-acting as he goes to talking points. He believes what he’s saying, or at least he believes he believes it. Where will Christ come back? Jerusalem and Missouri.

Second, he’s not using Mormon faith to defend his abortion stance. He thinks Mormons can be pro-choice (for other people), but he’s not. He points to his record as governor as blocking anything choice-like. It’s another (earlier?) incarnation of “I was a severely conservative governor.”

I’m not sure there is a “real” Mitt Romney, but this feels much more real than almost anything else I’ve seen from him.

It doesn’t make me want to vote for him, but as a character, I buy him in a way I didn’t before.