Horrible Things That Have Happened to Doctors on “Private Practice” Since 2007

I don’t watch the show, but wow. Just one example:

Amelia Shepherd: Amelia’s brother is shot. Amelia has a brief fling with Mark Sloan, who will eventually die from complications from a gruesome plane crash. Amelia, an addict in recovery, accidentally has a sip of champagne at a wedding. Amelia relapses. Amelia operates on someone’s brain while loaded. Amelia has her surgical privileges revoked. Amelia’s friend has Huntington’s disease. Amelia assists her in committing suicide, her friend changes her mind halfway through, Amelia is traumatized. Amelia’s friend dies. Amelia goes on a bender. Amelia falls in love while on the bender, she and her love decide to get clean together. Her love dies of an overdose the night before they intended to get clean. Amelia discovers she is pregnant from her dead love. Amelia discovers her baby will be born with no brain. Amelia carries and delivers her baby with no brain. Amelia’s baby dies. Writing this post isn’t fun anymore.

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